The 8 best google chrome extensions for you

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Hi guys,.

Today, I am going to show you The 8 best google chrome extensions for you. if you are Blogger, Digital marketer, or Youtuber You should use and install these chrome extensions for your browser which helps you grow your online business.

Still, a maturity of extension is created by third parties worldwide with colorful pretensions. They add features to your cybersurfer and ameliorate your web surfing experience. I am also using these Chrome extensions for growing my online business so let’s see these

1. Grammarly is the best chrome extension for digital marketers & freelancers

google chrome extension

Grammarly is a grammar correction extension to help you write correct a paragraph.

As a freelancer, independent essayist, business visionary, or entrepreneur, you generally manage composed content. It is possible that you compose something or get it composed by another person for your site or web-based entertainment pages.

In any case, your occupation isn’t over after you’re finished composition. you should see whether the article is right or not. there is any spelling mistake. Grammarly software helps you write a correct sentence or will fix your spelling mistake in the article automatically.

2. VidIQ the best extension for YouTuber

google chrome extension

VidIQ is one of the top chrome extensions for every YouTuber. This extension helps do SEO for your Youtube channel.

It will help you with finding historic contemplations for your following YouTube accounts. Additionally, its Chrome expansion does various things for absolutely free.

Here is explained what you can do through the VidIQ Chrome extension.

  • Get to know the pieces of information and estimations that go past YouTube Analytics.
  • View YouTube rankings for any video, including your own.
  • Find unprecedented accounts with the Trending tab.
  • Track expression situating history to conclude when a watchword is going up or down in popularity long term.
  • Get thoughts on watchwords to use in your title, portrayal, names
  • Quickly see which accounts are doing best on YouTube as of now.

You can take ideas with all these features the likelihood of a video becoming well known on the web. You can in like manner research exhaustive progression report cards for YouTube viral on your program. Hence, This way, you enjoy the insights on how to get more views and more subscribers.

3. Keywords Everywhere the best extension for SEO

google chrome extension

Keywords Everywhere is one of the best applications or google chrome extensions for SEO if you go to and search for “what is email marketing” write any keyword. It will help you know the search volume the CPC and the competition for this keyword and you will see here some widgets-related keywords that people are searching for long-tail keywords.

I think it is a great extension for YouTubers, Digital Marketer, freelancer entrepreneurs simply install this freemium add-on to view monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data on 15+ websites like Google, YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Google Search Console and much more.

This extension helps you know important SEO metrics like:

  • Cost per click (CPC).
  • Keyword search volume.
  • The difficulty for over 15+ websites ranking like google.

4. Similar Web Traffic rank and Website Analysis

google chrome extension

Similar Web is an online tool that helps you do a competitive investigation. By analyzing your competitors, you can sort out the most effective ways to gain profit ad increment deals.

The similar web will give you a small or a brief about any website the global rank the country rank the traffic over months the bounce rate the pace per visit details about this website the geography the top traffic sources & if you click on go to the similar web and you’ll get some more information about any website.

Similar web helps you to know like:

  • Find & discover keyword trends.
  • Know more about fresh keywords.
  • Analyzing engagement metrics.
  • know & Get benefits from real traffic insights.
  • Exploring data of unique visitors.
  • See traffic every month and get ideas.

5. Gmass Wonderful Chrome Extension For Gmail Marketer

google chrome extension

Gmass is a small application or an extension that will turn your Gmail account and it is an email marketing application simply now go to your Gmail account if you click on compose button to send an email.

You will see at gmass button click on that extension here if you open it you will see how you can personalize emails or the follow-up schedule you can add an email list symbolic email spam solver link checker email analyzer it’s like a full email automation software inside Gmail it’s a perfect solution, especially for cold email marketers call sending called emails also you can start totally for free.

Its features are included here:

  • Utilizing SMTP Authentication
  • Upholds HTML and Multipart MIME content sort
  • Send email promoting efforts to great many email addresses
  • Booking choice for your mass email crusades
  • Mail converges with information from Google Sheets

6. Notion Web Clipper google chrome extension for geeks

google chrome extension

This is a Chrome extension for geeks that lets you highlight and save what you see on the web. After a while, it becomes the basis of your personal knowledge. Created by Notion,

It is a Google Workspace alternative that helps teams create better ideas and collaborate more effectively.

The notion web clipper is a great application to manage everything in your life and your business anything you can manage here inside notion.

I plan and write everything also I do everything in my life I manage it here my learning affiliate marketing bookmarks my projects even my personal stuff my project & my Youtube channel everything I manage here inside notion it is a great application you must use it.

Notion web clipper helps you save anything from the web.

Know some of its great features:

  • Use this extension on any device
  • Quickly organize your saved clips
  • Save anything with just one click
  • Tag, offer, share and comment on the clips

7. ColorZilla is the best chrome extension for picking any website’s color

google chrome extension

Colorzilla is a free color picker chrome extension. If you are a graphic designer, web designer, or blogger and must use it to pick any website’s color anything simply copy a color code from Colorzilla and then paste it to your website.

  • Simply pick colors from any page
  • Simply Adjust the HEX/RGB/HSV/ RGB values of colors on any website or page

8. WhatFont is the best google chrome extension for knowing any website’s fonts

google chrome extension

If you are a web designer you must use this extension it will help you find out any website’s fonts simply click on the extension and you will be able to know font size, font family, and the font-weight everything about the font of any site.

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