The 5 Best AI Tools will help you Automate Your Tasks

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Hey guys,

In this post, I am going to show you five “Best AI Tools” interesting websites powered by artificial intelligence or in other words AI any websites and tools that I mentioned in this post let’s see.

Best Ai Tool

The 5 Best AI Tools That will Motivate Your Life!

1. Streamspeak

The Best Ai Tool

You’re able to generate English-speaking speech from text or in other words text to speech here’s what you do you add your text you can copy any text and then paste this sample text you choose the voice and you can choose between us male-female or one of these other options are  available

You can choose US male voice or UK male voice and then click on that generate button and in just a few seconds it’s generated a voice from the text you can  play this

So you can hear what it sounds like stream speaks allows you to generate realistic-sounding audio from the text we can use a mix of machine learning algorithms to bring you the best voice generation technology it’s a free tool. What you can do from here is download the file and then use it on your social media video clips or Presentations anywhere.

2. Imglarger

The Best Ai Tool

This tool will help you enhance any low-quality photos it’s called an AI image enlarger now you will be able to see a demo to best demonstrate You can upload one of your low-quality photos and then you upload an image into the AI image enlarger editor.

It will help you enhance & upscale the image and increase the resolution of your image without losing any quality. You upload an image and then select 2x or 4x resolution and then click on the start button.

3. Magic eraser

The Best Ai Tool

It is a great AI-powered photo tool that you can use with a magic eraser if you want to remove any unwanted things, items, or objects from your photo in a few seconds. 

let’s drag and drop an image of the item which you are wanting to remove from the photo simply you can highlight the items with a gold pen and you can also select a brush size once you’ve done that click on erase and just like that gold pen has disappeared you simply download it.

4. Rytr

The Best Ai Tool

This tool will help you write better and faster how a writer works with this interface is you select a language and select a tone. You can select casual 3 variants and optimal you choice a use case in your case if you want to get some post and caption ideas for posts you enter your post topic on the input box.

5. WordTune

The Best Ai Tool

This tool will help you turn your thoughts into words and it’s an extension that you can install on your chrome browser one use case is when you’re writing emails as example you have written a title ‘Best AI Tool for content creators’ you can simply highlight this title there’s that word tune icon and it’s going to give you suggestions in terms of other ways writing.

  • These are the five cool and interesting websites. which one is best for you please inform me in the comments below I’d love to know From you.
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