The 10 best free digital marketing tools: Everything you need to know

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digital marketing tools

Hi Guys,

In this post, I will talk about the 10 best free digital marketing tools. There are many digital marketing tools available out there, that help your businesses with their marketing efforts. Here is a list of the 10 best free digital marketing tools that will help you to increase your website’s visitors and also you can track your website’s performance and much more.

The 10 best free digital marketing tools for online marketers

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool It allows you to track the performance of your website and track your traffic sources. see what keywords are bringing people to your site, and see how people are interacting with your site. It’s a great way to see how your website is performing and to identify any trends.

2. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a free social media management platform that lets you manipulate your social media accounts from one place. It’s a fantastic way to maintain track of your social media overall performance and to respond to any comments or questions quickly.

3. Keyword Research Tool

The keyword research tool is to find the right keywords to target for your website or blog, it is important to use a keyword research tool. This will help you find the right keywords for your blog that are relevant to your business, and which will generate organic traffic from google.

4. Google Trends

Google Trends is a popular and powerful tool marketers use to track the popularity of specific topics over time. Using Google Trends, You can see how regularly a topic is being searched for on Google, and how that recognition has modified over time.

5. High CPC Keywords Explorer

digital marketing tools

The high CPC keywords explorer tool is a great way to increase Google Adsense revenue. It needs by every publisher, blogger, or YouTube channel owner.

CPC represents Cost Per Click. It’s the rate you pay for each and every click on your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising marketing campaign if you are an advertiser. And if you’re a publisher, CPC will become the revenue per ad click.

The higher the CPC an advertiser pays, the greater your revenue as a blogger or website publisher. And it’s no longer just the website; you make extra cash if you want to create a YouTube video based on excessive CPC keywords.

  • This tool helps you discover High CPC keywords to increase your revenue

6. Email Warmup Schedule Generator

digital marketing tools

In Email Marketing Especially for the cold mail, We need to warm up our emails earlier than we begin sending our campaigns This device will assist you to create a warmup time table For instance let’s say you choose the goal of 5,000 emails per day Just choose 5000 desk generation And the tool will now provide you a specific timeline And a chart displaying you how to warmup

This is the schedule, the everyday schedule On the first day you send 12 emails On the 2nd day, 14 emails are sent and so on To reach 5,000 emails in 30 days So your e-mail or SMTP will be protected Have it ready to send out marketing emails.

7. Subject Line Tester

I will talk about the email marketing subject line test actually it is really one of the best email marketing strategies.

The subject line is one of the most important factors to help you increase the open rate of your marketing campaigns. This tool helps you check the subject line score before sending any email for example “The 10 best free digital marketing tools” like this

let’s say it has a subject line score is 75 but it is not a bad score if you want to improve edit and change the subject line before submitting your campaigns.

  • It is very important that you test your subject lines with this tool before you submit any campaign.

8. URL Shortener

This tool helps you shorten your link just copy the URL and paste it inside the input box and then copy & paste it anywhere.

9. Privacy Policy Generator

This tool helps you to generate a privacy policy page if you don’t know how to write a privacy policy page for your website, this tool will generate a privacy policy article for your website automatically.

10. Article Rewriter

The Article Rewriter is a textual content Rewriter that rewrites understandable sections and textual content into new, shrewd, intelligible text. Also, assuming you require a summarizing instrument, The Free Article Rewriter will fulfill your necessities.

  • This tool helps you paraphrase your article automatically.

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