The 5 best graphic design software free and paid tools

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Hello Everyone,

First, picking the best graphic design tool for any graphic designer is difficult now I am going to show you The 5 best graphic design software free and paid tools that are available for Windows, or Mac operating systems, either, which have iOS and Android mobile apps and support for Linux and Chrome OS.

Now designers can select from a wide range of design tool options, including open-source platforms.

The 5 best graphic design software free and paid tools: Every designer should know

1. Canva

best graphic design software free

Graphic design tool

Canva is one of the graphic designing tools in the world for making a variety of projects including infographics, e-books, presentations, logo design, t-shirts, and much more.

It uses an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that is simple for individuals without prior graphic design skills. the application offers a vast collection of photos, templates, backdrops, and fonts.
Many of these images are available for free on Canva, however, some need in-app payments.

Canva application has a huge template of the library. The sample we saw looked professional and provided some great ideas for brainstorming.

Three pricing options are available, one of which is free for individuals and small teams.
Even though the paid plans only provide 100 GB of cloud storage, they offer the complete package.

  • Drag-and-drop design tool: User-friendly interface to start creating anything
  • Social media integration: Possibility of posting content directly to well-liked channels
  • Collaboration tools: facilitates project sharing with team files and real-time collaboration

2. Crello

best graphic design software free

Crello is the best application for professional graphic designers and video editors you can use to design Twitter posts, YouTube thumbnails, Square, Instagram posts, or any other social networking platform.

That can handle all of your social media demands. It features a good selection of drawing tools for manipulating photos, videos, and animation. you can also use the pro version to create brand kits, remove backgrounds, and send out team invitations.

There are many benefits included in Crello’s free version, including unlimited access to its image library and more than 50,000 templates. There is a monthly limit of five downloads. You are allowed unlimited downloads with the premium plan.

Crello is a flexible marketing solution because it can be accessed on almost any platform.

  •  Allow access to its photos and templates even at no cost.
  • Make gift certificates, logos, brochures, promotions, social media ads, and much more.

3. Figma

best graphic design software free

Figma has a ton of functionality for free graphic design software. It is one of the most impressive Figma provides free unlimited cloud storage with the free version being among the most impressive. With a wide range of tools, You must enroll in the professional plan. If not, you can collaborate by sharing a link.

Figma provides us lot of customization options, particularly at the organization level. You can create and manage private plugins. It is an affordable plan.

  • Collection of this tool: Hundreds of freebies are available to enhance your work, including shapes, fonts, colors, etc.
  • Provide private plugins at the organization-level plan.
  • friendly for small businesses: provides a lot of flexibility for small businesses, with unlimited cloud storage and free drafts.

4. Snappa

best graphic design software free

Snappa is a free web application that allows you to make beautiful designs from scratch, such as social media posts, logos, ads, blogs, and more. Snappa saves you a lot of time it is an online tool to create anything and is fast and easy to use.

if you are not a designer this tool is for you. they provide to download three graphics in one month and if you use their paid version. You can download unlimited graphics included ·Over 25 million images in Snappa.

5. Gravit Designer

 best graphic design software free

Gravit Designer is the best application Gravit designer has both vector graphics software and a GNU image manipulation program. It is an HTML-Based tool compatible with most platforms, It is user-friendly and highly customizable. Gravit designer offers  500 MB of cloud storage with the free plan and pro version unlimited storage.

Gravit Designer supports HSB, CMYK, and RGB color space at the professional level. with the pro version, You may work offline and on touch-enabled devices. If you do print work, the pro plan’s options to export up to 300 dpi make it more useful with the pro version.

  • Excellent compatibility: Covers a wide range of devices, such as the Apple Pencil and touch-enabled devices, it is compatible with all platforms.
  • Outstanding user support: Includes written documentation and beneficial tooltips
  • Customizable features: Support in 14 languages and includes a dark theme
  • Free version available

Pick one graphic design tool from The 5 best graphic design software free and paid tools

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