The 5 best free video editing software for any content creators

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Hi everyone,

Today in this post, I will show you the 5 best free video editing software that will help you create and edit professional videos look for any project, for example, Youtube videos, video ads.. native ads, Facebook videos, and even any video creators. These softwares are best for any video editors without watermark and don’t need an upgrade version you can use. Ok friend, let’s see together.

The best free video editing software you should use right now


best free video editing software

VSDC is a popular free video editing software this has brought a multimedia suite and a set of tools for editing video, enhancing audio, recording voiceovers, and capturing desktop screens, You can edit by VSDC video editor and You can create by it, including with.

  • 4k video editing
  • 3D videos
  • SupportsĀ  VR & 360 video
  • Live color correction
  • Motion Tracking
  • Video animation and much more

2. OpenShot

best free video editing software

OpenShot is a simple and free video editing software It is available for Windows computers, macOS, and Linux it is easy to edit videos and simple interface what we will be able to do with OpenShot free editor, including with

  • Trim video editing
  • Video slide editing
  • AnimationĀ  & keyframes
  • Video effects
  • Edit texts
  • Audio Wave form
  • Motion Tracking
  • Time effects

3. Blender

best free video editing software

Blender video editor is a free big and the best professional open-source video editing software and it is made for professional video editors. this is a 3D computer graphics software toolset it is used for making animated films, visual effects, 3D-printed models, art, interactive 3D applications, motion graphics, and virtual reality.

  • 3D graphics
  • 3D models
  • Create animated movies
  • Motion graphics
  • Interactive 3D applications
  • Game design
  • Visual effects

4. Windows Movie Maker 10

best free video editing software

Windows Movie Maker 10 is a free video editor it is easy to use and simple for creating videos It has a set of video creation and editing tools,It allows you to include music, text, motion, 3D effects, and much more.

5. ShotCut

best free video editing software

ShotCut video editor is a free and professional look open-source, cross-platform video editor It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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