How to start an affiliate marketing business

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affiliate marketing business

Introduction to affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. in this post, I am going to show you step by step to help you how to start your affiliate marketing business with affiliate marketing, Earn revenue from your first week.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is to promote services and products to the customer as much as products you will be able to sell, You will get a commission per sale, basically, it is called affiliate marketing. See one more example.

Affiliate marketing is the commission-based easiest method to earn money online in the world. suppose Mr. Rakib has an e-commerce company that is selling services and its products on mobile phones, laptops, desktops, etc. He wants to give recruitment some employers to sell their products more and more to the targeted customers.

So, affiliate marketing could be a great choice for you the people who want to start an online business and even make money online world without any investment even in spite of not having skills enough.

Simply, there are two things based on affiliate marketing business:

  • To promote the product and service.
  • Picking the correct product and service to promote.

Select the correct product and earn money

First, we have to choose the correct product to promote, it is important to understand and know how to pick the best product and service to promote because simply if you select the valuable product, you will be able to earn money much more online.

Let’s know: How the company gives us a commission per sale, It depends upon you which type of products you are promoting suppose, the price of the laptop is $500 and its commission is 10% per sale.

Can you think? if you can sell 10 products a day how much dollars you will get a commission each month?

Suppose, you will get 50$ per sale.

Let’s see to calculate:

50$ * 10 = 500$ per day.

500$ * 30 = 15,000$ per month. (nice)!

15,000 * 12 = 180,000$ per year. (wow)!

Wow! but in this case, you have to promote and pay some money for advertising every month and more and more you must to hard work then, you will be able to earn money online more than 15,000$ per month. if you follow up on these strategies.

There are two commission-based things on affiliate marketing.

1. Single Commission.
2. Recurring Commission.

What is the single commission?

Single Commission is to promote a single product and you will get a 1-time commission per sale. I will share with you the top 5 affiliate networks that you can start now with and find different products to promote.

affiliate marketing business

1. Clickbank: I think that probably you have heard about it, actually, Clickbank is not a product, It’s an affiliate network where you can find thousands of products to promote.

affiliate marketing business

2. Jvzoo: It too, is a large trusted affiliate network for everyone where you can find out thousands of products to promote with it and make money online.

affiliate marketing business

3. WarriorPlus: This affiliate network is awesome for beginners, simply go to WarriorPlus to join and it’s available from anywhere.

affiliate marketing business

4. CJAffiliateNetwork: CJ is one of the largest affiliate networks you can start your online business and make money online in the first week.

affiliate marketing business

5. EnvatoMarketplaceEnvato Market is one of the best affiliate networks to make hundreds of dollars each month.

This company provides digital products, assets, website templates, themes, plugins, audio, video templates, source code, and much more right now choose a product and start to promote it from Envato Market. (100% Passive).

What is the recurring commission?

Recurring commission is like renting a house suppose, Mr. Jhon has a house He is giving house rent providing that for one month, and again if he has to stay then again he has to pay money for one month basically, it is called recurring commission. Let’s see one more example.

You are promoting a product that costs 100$ and your commission is like 50% = 50$, what you are going to do now is you are going to run maybe campaigns, get traffic and do some effort to promote this product yes, that is simple and you get like ten customers, so you’ll earn simply 500$ 10 × 50. Now.

If we move to a recurring commission product like the ones I will mention now, let’s say the same scenario. We have a product with 50$ but we have 50% recurring commissions and if you promote the product only for 10 people also you will earn 250$, but recurringly. You will get this number every month without promoting again and again.

You will earn a recurring commission every month and promote only once. So, with the same time and the same effort, with only one product, you will earn every month with the same product and this is very important. If you just think about it, it’s very important, it’s like building a stable business with only one affiliate product.

Let’s see The Top 5 Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs.

This is the best method to work with recurring commission products and services and to earn money online more than 10x every year.

1. Number one: GetResponse is one of the best email marketing services and they offer an awesome Affiliate program.

affiliate marketing business

Which is an email marketing service. If you go to the affiliate program in GetResponse, you will see they have two programs and both are really awesome. The first one, will give you 100$ for each sale and this is a perfect program for you, or you have a second program which is a 33% recurring commission for every customer you can choose either one.

This is really perfect and what’s nice about GetResponse, is just you sign up, you don’t need to request approval or anything Just sign up in two minutes and you can start promoting. if you go to the affiliate program dashboard, you will see in the tools you will have everything you need to start promoting.

2. Number Two: ActiveCampaign is one of the top email marketing services.

affiliate marketing business

Active campaign is one of the top email marketing services, if you go down here in an active campaign, you will see the partner program you can open this and click on an affiliate program and earn 20-30% recurring commission. and go to join the affiliate program to start making money online.

3. Number four: ClickFunnels is one of the top services in creating sales funnels.

affiliate marketing business

ClickFunnels is one of the top services in creating sales funnels. on our planet, It also gives you the opportunity to earn a 40% monthly recurring commission. This software is very powerful to create sales funnels and it costs around 97$ for the basic plan, so you can earn up to 40$ recurrently every month per customer. You will get a $100 commission for sale besides 40% on that front end.

4. Number four: Semrush is the best SEO services company and you earn $200 for every new subscription sale,  for every new trial $10, and for the new sign-up $0.01, (Nice).

affiliate marketing business

Semrush is an SEO, Content Marketing, Market Research, Advertising, Social Media, and Agency Solutions services company, It provides you with a lot of tools to rank your website and to get more free organic traffic from google. It is really awesome for affiliate marketers If you open the affiliate program link, anyway all the websites.

5. Number five: Tubebuddy is the best way to make money online and you can earn up to 50% recurring commission from when you want to refer people.

affiliate marketing business

TubeBuddy is such a tool simply, that helps Content creators, brands, and also networks save time it helps YouTubers to grow their YouTube channels and it gives you up to 50% recurring commissions. This is perfect, you can go down, and it’s 100% free to join nothing is required to be joined, from any country you want to join, just sign up in two minutes and start promoting services and earn commissions per sale every month.

Two ways we can promote affiliate products and services.

Number One: Through Website

Number Two: Through Social Media

Number One: You can create a website and write some reviews about any affiliate products and services and earn money online event earn money from Google Adsense very simply.

Two ways, You can start to promote affiliate products, go to and create a free website if you want to create a premium website let’s go to and buy the theme for your business.

Number Two: You can promote affiliate products through social media, by,,,,,,, and, and get more free traffic from any social media.

Top 5 ways to start to make money online $2000 per month

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